Answers to your many questions…

What exactly is REA and what does REA stand for?

The Research Experts Alliance (REA) GmbH & Co KG specializes in individual and innovative solutions for the implementation of clinical studies in the pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology and medical device technology. To do this, we rely on our network of experts for clinical studies in pharmacology, biotechnology, medical device technology and digital development solutions.

Why did you set up REA?

We have found that there is a lack of a company on the market that offers advice, planning and implementation of clinical studies with an innovative and future-oriented character. Our team has many years of experience in the field of clinical research and has already implemented many different projects for companies in medical device development and pharmacology. With REA we want to bundle our strengths and deliver tangible added value for our partners.

What is REA’s target group?

We want to use our expertise specifically for start-up development and support small and medium-sized companies in their research development. Our aim is to enable these companies in particular to carry out targeted research and product development with individual and flexible solutions, for which large contract research institutes are neither specialized nor designed. We want to prepare a holistic advice and service concept. This should, on the one hand, differentiate the specific objectives of the research project and, on the other hand, offer a structured, transparent and efficient solution for companies in development. From our many years of experience, we know that individual solutions and concept development seep away in large service provider structures. The big players on the market have an established standard concept, which may not please everyone and is also inflexible and may not meet budget expectations. That may work for Big Pharma, but not for creative minds who want to grow with their research and the desired goal. We offer opportunities and network expertise to convert ideas into a tangible concept. We support the long-term further development of the entire healthcare market by promoting innovative companies with attractive market access through appropriate concept development, corporate structures and enabling efficient clinical studies.

How does REA differ from the competition?

From our many years of project experience, we know that you can achieve excellent synergy effects in a team. REA stands for a high level of scientific and practical network competence from a wide variety of sectors that pursue a common goal: creating innovative solutions for innovative companies. Paired with personal advice at eye level, we build a bridge between creative work and targeted research work. This enables us to develop smart and highly individual solutions and concepts for efficient planning and successful implementation of research projects.

What exactly can your clients expect from you?

We offer competent support through the entire process and dedicate ourselves to each individual project development stage. Our REA experts provide support throughout the entire duration of the project and want to take the post-market concept into account when drawing up the test plan. From study preparation to study implementation to study results analysis, we develop a holistic study concept together and in close cooperation with clients and network partners. We go all the way with our customers in partnership.

What is your passion?

We develop tailor-made solutions in clinical research and want to enable added value for innovative research companies and the practical implementation of clinical studies. We see ourselves as smart guides to project success for innovative, targeted research. Our approach is to give companies exactly what they really need to be successful. We want to be measured by this.

Who would you like to work with?

Our customers are the entrepreneurs who are far-sighted, innovative and future-oriented. Our network of experts is also set up. We look to the future together with our customers and network partners and want to break new ground in clinical research. We believe that research and development does not necessarily have to be time-consuming and costly, but sometimes requires a creative impetus to pursue a path in a goal-oriented and efficient manner. We look forward to a growing network and are always looking for people who want to walk this path with us and be successful with it.

Which countries do you prefer to work with and why?

REA is basically an international company, and medical innovations come from all over the world. That is why we do not have favourites but give flexible advice and support when our customers need us. It’s very interesting and inspiring to see companies everywhere working on medical advancement.

REA differs from others, especially at the beginning of a collaboration. What exactly is the difference? How do you proceed?

Each project is individual, as are the expectations and budget ideas. With our kick-off workshop, we determine the respective needs of a client and develop an efficient, target-oriented concept for the implementation of a clinical research project. The workshop collaboration is non-binding and should agree on an option for a long-term collaboration. We do not want to offer a standardized service but develop an independent and individual solution from scratch.

Based on your experiences, you say about yourself that you are on a “mission”. Can you explain that in more detail?

Research Experts Alliance GmbH & Co KG stands for a high level of scientific and practical network competence, paired with personal advice at eye level. We have missed this in many projects in the past, which were often based on an uninspiring and standard-based concept. Often there was no added value beyond the pure study results. The cooperation with customers was also quite anonymous and the solution offered was far from the needs-based goal. We want to change that: We are partners on an equal footing and concentrate on the long-term goals of the research company and not just on the actual course of the study.

Where do you see REA in ten years?

In ten years, we will have revolutionized the world of clinical trials with our unconventional way of working. Sometimes you have to think outside the box in order to promote innovation and to be able to use undreamt-of potential. We are always developing solutions and independent concepts to make clinical research more efficient. Our goal is nothing more than disruption in the huge research and development sector. We want to show in the coming years that innovation and speed are the outstanding characteristics for successfully implementing strategic projects. In 2030, REA will be the most important network of experts to support clinical studies for start-ups and small to medium-sized companies to achieve success.

In your opinion, what are the biggest challenges in a study at the moment?

In all studies, it is important to recognize and support the real, long-term interests of the researching companies and, above all, the objectives of the clinical research project. We want to face this challenge and thus shake up the world of clinical studies a bit and break new ground in the long term.

In your opinion, which point is the biggest sticking point in clinical trials that needs to be improved?

For us, these are mainly the unclear ideas and objectives of project planning in most cases. The disruptive change from analogue to digital structures often represents major hurdles in the implementation of clinical studies. Many studies only focus on the original assignment and leave out essential areas. Based on the individual study phases, we plan and develop concepts, gladly from a single source, which are defined in advance according to the requirement areas. We resolve this conflict through an intensive analysis of the specific needs and, last but not least, through intensive preparatory work during the workshop in order to create a consistent roadmap for carrying out a clinical study.

Are there opportunities to revolutionize the processes or content of studies with innovative solutions?

As the Research Experts Alliance, we want to address precisely these possibilities. We support companies in all development steps and project stages. For maximum project success, clinical studies require optimally developed processes for a consistent system that builds on one another. In order to drive the disruption of the market, REA always works with a wide range of network expertise on independent, including digital solutions for the further development of their own company structure and for research companies alike. A win-win situation that enables a creative and interdisciplinary way of working. The regulatory components, study-oriented patient recruitment, the monitoring of clinical data, as well as the differentiated monitoring of study processes are major levers that can go other ways with smart expertise. The aim is to prepare the basis for research projects in such a way that efficient, optimal study results can be achieved and an individual post-market concept with a unique selling point can be created.

They often point to your network. Can you explain that?

We work together in a network of experts from a wide variety of industries in order to be able to use interdisciplinary synergies efficiently. Companies for digital development, media representatives, investors, experts from medical technology, pharmacology and biotechnology enrich our network with innovative ideas and solutions. This guarantees that the best available specialists are used for a problem. The experts are always on a mission with passion, a lot of zeal and tirelessly for challenging questions!

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