Research and production

“Research and production must continue to be possible for medium-sized medical technology companies in Germany, and must be promoted and even expanded”, says a recent BVMed paper (Initiative MedTech 2030). In order to improve the conditions for research in Germany, every company should be able to deduct ten per cent of its self-financed expenditure on research and development (R&D) from its tax liability. BVMed sees the development of an overarching digital strategy for healthcare as the key to a positive innovation and investment climate in Germany. A key component of this strategy should be the use and provision of electronic health data, the secondary use of health data, a project-related right of application for research-based companies to the Research Data Space and the standardisation of data protection regulations in the federal states. Research Experts Alliance (REA) is ambitious to promote these great forward-looking opportunities. With proven experts for research, development and digital solutions REA will support ideas from scratch. #rea #researchexpertsalliance #startups #medtech #biotechnology #pharmacy #clinicalresearch #digitalhealtcare #digitalhealth #researchanddevelopment #innovation #biotech #healthcare #lifesciences #healthtech #artificialintelligence